Washington is a deeply divided city, whether in terms of race, resources, or partisanship. It’s also a deeply religious city, where the gods of power, knowledge, pleasure, and wealth are ruthless in their demands. Jesus Christ is an entirely different kind of God. His grace frees people from the weighty, inhumane burdens of Washington’s false gods. His love brings reconciliation and peace in place of division.

Jesus taught that loving God and loving one’s neighbors ought to be our two highest priorities. The Church of the Resurrection exists to embody these priorities on Capitol Hill and beyond.

We started in 2002 as a multi-ethnic fellowship with a vision for establishing a vibrant church in Washington. In 2004, we began meeting for worship on Sunday evenings in rented facilities on Capitol Hill. In 2021, after years of praying, fundraising, and negotiating, we purchased and moved into a historic church building at 501 E St SE. We give thanks to God for entrusting us with permanent facilities to steward and use for his glory and the good of our neighbors.

Our congregation began with the encouragement and support of international Anglican leaders, particularly several leaders in the Church of Rwanda. Each week, in solidarity with East African Christians, we "send all our problems to the cross of Christ." We are so grateful to remain closely connected to the vibrant fellowship of Global South Anglicans.

Throughout our history we have endeavored to be the church equivalent of a teaching hospital, with a strong commitment to leadership development and sending. By God's grace, we have been privileged to see new leaders developing in our midst every year. We have also played a role in establishing new congregations like ours throughout the region and in other major cities. Nevertheless, our primary focus remains loving God and our neighbors as an embassy of Jesus on Capitol Hill.

You are welcome to visit and see for yourself. Come be part of our story.