Potluck Feast on Sunday, March 8

Join us after the worship service on Sunday, March 8, for a Feast to honor and thank Miriam Rudolph, and Mark and Mandy Booker, for their service to the Church of the Resurrection. After four years, Miriam completed her work as Parish Administrator on Ash Wednesday in preparation for childbirth and motherhood. Mark is an Assistant Pastor at Resurrection, and his last Sunday will be on March 8. The Bookers will be moving to Boston at the end of the month in order to establish a new Anglican congregation in the city there. 

Please bring something to share in the feast on Sunday:
Last names A – H bring a side dish.
Last names I – P bring a dessert.
Last names Q – Z bring drinks.
Or sign up to bring a main dish by contacting Amy Reno: amyreno at gmail dot com. 

Do you have a picture or video of Miriam or the Booker family to share with the rest of the congregation? If so, send it to Amy at the address above. Please also let her know if you would like to share a toast or tell a tale on them.

Finally, if you would like to contribute to the gift fund for them, you can do so by contacting Amy or anyone at the church office. You can also send us a check (payable to Church of the Resurrection) at our mailing address, but note that contributions are not tax deductible.

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