God is love, and because God made humanity in his image, we are lovers, too. Jesus said that loving God and loving our neighbors ought to be our highest priorities. We make them our priorities through developing daily and weekly habits of spiritual formation. Here are some ways members of the Church of the Resurrection engage in love-shaping, formative practices.

  • Morning Prayer. Since 1549, the daily offices (i.e. morning and evening prayer services) of the Book of Common Prayer have provided a way for Christians to read through the English Bible regularly and to draw near to God in prayer and praise. Within the Church of the Resurrection community, members meet at RezHouse Tuesday mornings (7:45 am) to say the daily office together.
  • Devotional Practices and Bible Reading. Our clergy are eager to meet with you and help you develop ways to meet with God on a daily basis (See the Pastoral Care page). Some Rez members use the daily office lectionary, found online here or through this app. Others use one of these plans offered by the English Standard version of the Bible. Read more about traditional ways of meditating on God's Word here.
  • Confession and Prayer for Healing. St. James wrote to Christians saying: “confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed” (5:16). A normal by-product of Christian friendships within the church ought to be members of the body confessing to one another and praying for one another. In addition, Resurrection clergy are available by appointment to hear confessions and/or to pray for healing. See the Pastoral Care page.
  • Holy Land Pilgrimage. Dan and Elise Claire lead a pilgrimage to the lands of the Bible every 2-3 years. It's a life-changing experience of learning, friendship, and spiritual transformation. Talk with them to find out more about the next pilgrimage.