Imagine Church of the Resurrection in a permanent building on Capitol Hill

Building on our story


The Church of the Resurrection began in 2003 in the home of Dan and Elise Claire, and has been using rented church facilities on Capitol Hill since 2004.



From the beginning, we have endeavored to be a teaching hospital church, providing learning opportunities for future ecclesial leaders.

Many pastoral interns and residents have trained with us, and fifteen have been ordained.




Started as a church plant that plants churches that plant churches, we have been instrumental in establishing ten new churches in metro Washington, the Shenandoah Valley, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, and the United Kingdom.





We have shared Jesus with thousands of visitors through our services and welcome dinners.

Because of our location, we now serve those who will someday be leaders in churches across the country and around the world.

Through our ministries, new congregations, and new leaders, God has planted thousands and thousands of Gospel seeds

Now we see an opportunity for more. 


More prayer, praise, and proclamation of God’s enduring Word.

More spiritual formation, counseling, and educational opportunities for adults and children.

More loving our neighbors, especially those suffering on the margins.

More engagement with interns, staff, and elected officials serving around the Capitol.

More theological and practical training opportunities for current and future church leaders.

More music, dance, and artistic demonstrations of God’s transcendent beauty for the welfare of the city.

Rez members voting in favor of a motion to buy a building

The Opportunity

God is showing us a way towards owning a permanent building in DC.

A few signs:

  • A beautiful, historic church building for sale in our neighborhood

  • A growing congregation that can sustain ownership

  • A strong desire to see deeper roots, and deeper reach

Our goal: $1.83 million in 2019