Community Groups, or “RezGroups” as they are affectionately known in our church, provide a forum for people to practice Christian faith in community. Typically consisting of 8-14 people, RezGroups meet together in homes on a weekly or semi-weekly basis for fellowship, Bible study, worship, prayer, and service. (Meeting times and locations vary.) Some groups are more fellowship-oriented and have meals together often, others like to study more, and some specialize in practices of prayer. There is probably a group well-suited to your current situation and interests.

In a lonely, frenetic city like Washington, DC, RezGroups provide an oasis of spiritual and relational refreshment, where people connect more deeply with God by connecting more deeply with God’s people. Those who have been part of a RezGroup can’t imagine not being in one! RezGroups are important because there are aspects of a healthy, growing spiritual life that simply cannot take place in the weekly worship service of the whole church. RezGroups create a vibrant context for questioning, discussion, sharing, prayer, and meeting one another’s needs. RezGroups allow you to experience more deeply what it means to be part of a church family.

Anyone is welcome to participate in a RezGroup. Whether you’re new to the church, new to Washington, or new to Christianity—why not try out a RezGroup? For more info, contact us.