Creation, Design, and Evolution

Join us on Saturday, April 9th at 7 p.m. at COSC (801 N. Carolina Ave SE) as Church of the Resurrection hosts Dr. Deborah Haarsma, the President of Biologos.

Dr. Haarsma, in her talk entitled “Creation, Design, and Evolution,” will review the positions of old earth creationism, intelligent design, and evolutionary creationism as alternatives to young earth creationism and atheistic evolution. Delving into the most compelling scientific evidence surrounding origins from the fields of astronomy, geology, paleontology, and genetics, Dr. Haarsma will discuss how this evidence is compatible with a vibrant, biblical faith. In addition, Dr. Haarsma will hold a Q&A session on Sunday, April 10th at 3pm at the Rez House (811 N.Carolina Ave SE).

Dr. Haarsma is also the co-author of Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design. She previously served as Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Calvin College, where she authored several publications on extragalactic astronomy and cosmology. Dr. Haarsma earned her PhD in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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