This year's theme of One Another: Life Together in Christ will include a teaching focus on the Bible's "one another" passages, an invitation to share our stories of life together, and rich times of corporate and private prayer and praise. Here's the complete schedule. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tinbit Alemayehu.

Accommodation Options & Pricing:

  • Housing Indoors at Caboose Farm or nearby Katalou (5 king beds, 32 queen beds, 13 twin beds) - $165/person (adults & teenagers)
  • Camping at Caboose Farm - $115/person (adults & teenagers)
  • Saturday-Only/Offsite for those who stay off-site or come for the day on Saturday - $77/person (adults & teenagers)
  • All Kids housed with parents - $25/person (12 & under)
On-site accommodations are limited. Register right away!