At the Church of the Resurrection, we believe what early Christians believed and articulated in the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds. Our congregation is also a member of the Diocese of Christ our Hope, within the Anglican Church in North America. With Anglican churches around the world, the Jerusalem Declaration faithfully encapsulates our beliefs.

In less formal terms, here’s a summary of our beliefs and what they entail. We believe…

…in God. The one true God eternally exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—three distinct persons who equally possess the fullness of the divine nature. This triune God exists in infinite transcendence over created reality, and therefore can be fully and intimately present to every atom in the universe. As such, his power and wisdom are unfathomable, and he alone is worthy of all praise, glory, and honor.

Therefore, as a church, we order our corporate and individual lives around worshipping God.

...that God communicates. Though God exists beyond the reach of our ordinary thoughts and words, he graciously reveals himself to us, teaching us to know and respond to him. He spoke these words to, and through, the prophets of the Old Testament and the apostles of the New Testament, with the ultimate Word spoken in the person of Jesus Christ.

For this reason, as a church we order our lives around the Bible.

…that God created. The world was made from nothing—nothing, that is, except God’s wisdom, intent, and love. The central feature of God’s design of the world is humanity, which was created in God’s image so that humanity might have a relationship with God, partnering with him in stewardship of creation. However, almost from the beginning, humanity rejected this partnership and embraced instead a cycle of rebellion, guilt, and death. Instead of reveling in God’s blessing, humans became enslaved to their own sinful desires and thus experienced God’s judgment. God’s good creation is deeply broken and lost.

Therefore we, as a church, embrace a life of confession and repentance.

…that God redeems. We believe that God refused to allow his design for creation to fail. So, God took on humanity in order to redeem humanity. Jesus, the Son of God, was born into a human family. Where humanity failed to obey, Jesus submitted to his Father's divine will. Where humanity was due punishment for rebellion, Jesus took this wrath upon himself. He defeated death and opened the door to eternal life in his resurrection. His redemptive work is the only hope for the world.

Therefore, as a church we join ourselves to Christ’s redemptive work by faith through baptism,
and we joyfully enter into this reality afresh each week as we feast with Jesus in communion

…that God will restore. We believe that some day everything broken will be repaired, and the whole world will be visibly and undeniably full of God's glory. Injustice will be vanquished, oppression will cease, and the earth will be healed of all her scars under the loving rule of King Jesus. Every human person will be raised from the dead by God and called to account for their lives. In the meantime, God has called his people, the church, to manifest this future reality in the present through their words of gospel proclamation, their deeds of mercy, and their commitment to cultural renewal.

So, we seek the Spirit’s power to go out each day as ambassadors of God's good kingdom.