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Something to Shout AboutIsaiah 40:1-11Matt Wilcoxen12/10/201‘Listen’/
Servants of ChristJohn 13Aubrey Spears12/03/2017‘Listen’/
Confirmation Service Homily Luke 9:18-27Bishop Steve Breedlove12/01/2017‘Listen’/
The Glory of The LordFrom Generation to DegenerationJudges16:1-31Dan Claire11/26/2017Notes‘Listen’/
God the Gracious SovereignFrom Generation to DegenerationJudges 14:1-4Shawn Honey11/19/2017‘Listen’/
Divine InterruptionFrom Generation to Degeneration Judges 13:1-25Matt Wilcoxen11/12/2017‘Listen’/
Despised and RejectedFrom Generation to Degeneration Judges 10:6-11:11,29-36Dan Claire11/05/2017Notes‘Listen’/
The Justice of the LordFrom Generation to DegenerationJudges 9:22-57Dan Claire10/29/2017Notes‘Listen’/
A Fall from GraceFrom Generation to DegenerationJudges 8:22 - 9:24Matt Wilcoxen10/22/2017‘Listen’/
The Fear of the LordFrom Generation to DegenerationJudges 6:36 - 7:25Dan Claire10/15/2017Notes‘Listen’/
The Peace of the LordFrom Generation to DegenerationJudges 6:1-35Dan Claire10/08/2017Notes‘Listen’/
The Church and Her ChildrenFrom Generation to DegenerationJudges 4Shawn Honey10/01/2017Notes‘Listen’/
Building Your Life on a Good FoundationsMatthew 7:21-27Archbishop Foley Beach09/24/2017‘Listen’/
Gutsy DeliveranceFrom Generation to Degeneration: the book of JudgesJudges 3:12-31Dan Claire09/17/2017Notes‘Listen’/
From Generation to DegenerationFrom Generation to Degeneration: the book of JudgesJudges 3:7-11Matt Wilcoxen09/10/2017‘Listen’/
Speech Ending AdversityFreedom SundayPsalm 39Rev. Abraham George09/03/2017‘Listen’/
The Blessing and Responsibility of ChildrenLove, Sex, and RelationshipsPsalm 127Dan Claire08/27/2017Notes‘Listen’/
The Gift and Calling of CelibacyLove, Sex, and RelationshipsLuke 20:34-36Jeff Bailey08/20/2017Notes‘Listen’/
Divorce and RemarriageLove, Sex and Relationships
1 Corinthians 7:10-15; Matthew 19:3-9Shawn Honey08/13/2017‘Listen’/
Dating: Following the LordLove, Sex and Relationships
Genesis 24:1-27, 61Dan Claire08/06/2017Notes‘Listen’/
Marriage in the EndLove, Sex and Relationships
Ephesians 5:22-33Dan Claire07/30/2017Notes‘Listen'/
Marriage in the BeginningLove, Sex and Relationships
Genesis 2:18-25Shawn Honey07/23/2017‘Listen'/
SSA: Sacrament, Sacrifice, Assistance Love, Sex and Relationships
Romans 1:18-32Matt Wilcoxen07/17/2017Notes‘Listen'/
Lustful TranscendenceLove, Sex and Relationships
Ecclesiastes 3:9-13Shawn Honey07/09/2017‘Listen'/
Friendship With Benefits2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:9-22Matt Wilcoxen07/02/2017‘Listen'/
Ministry Of Judgment 2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:1-8Matt Wilcoxen06/25/2017‘Listen'/
At The Crossroads2 Timothy2 Timothy 3:10-17Dan Claire06/18/2017Notes‘Listen'/
The Tongue And The Heart2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:20-3:9Shawn Honey06/11/2017‘Listen'/
Word Of Truth2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:14-19Jay Traylor06/04/2017‘Listen'/
Remember Jesus' Resurrection and Reign2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:8-13Dan Claire05/28/2017Notes‘Listen'/
God-Given Endurance2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:1-7Dan Claire05/21/2017Notes‘Listen'/
The Good News of Suffering2 Timothy2 Timothy 1Shawn Honey05/14/2017‘Listen'/
Like Rain On Mown GrassPsalm 72Dr. Peter Leithart05/07/2017‘Listen'/
Practice HospitalityRomans 12:9-21Dan Claire04/30/2017‘Listen'/
Open Eyes, Ready FeetEphesians 1:15-23Shawn Honey04/23/2017‘Listen'/
He Is Risen, Just As He SaidEasterMatthew 27:62-28:20Dan Claire04/16/2017Notes‘Listen'/
Behold the CrossGood Friday Bo Parker04/14/2017‘Listen'/
Communion, Cleansing & CommissioningMaundy ThursdayJohn 13Dan Claire04/13/2017Notes‘Listen'/
Palm SundaySermon on the MountMatthew 7:21-29Shawn Honey04/09/2017‘Listen'/
The Choice is YoursSermon on the MountMatthew 7:13-20Jay Traylor04/02/2017‘Listen'/
Kingdom PostureSermon on the MountMatthew 7:1-12Blake Johnson 03/26/2017‘Listen'/
Prosperity GospelSermon on the MountMatthew 69-34Dan Claire03/19/2017Notes‘Listen'/
Who Do You Love? Sermon on the MountMatthew 6:1-18Shawn Honey03/12/2017‘Listen'/
Love Your EnemiesSermon on the Mount Matthew 5:38-48Jeff Bailey03/05/2017‘Listen'/
Ash Wednesday Jay Traylor03/01/2017‘Listen'/
Critical FidelitySermon on the MountMatthew 5:31-37Shawn Honey02/26/2017‘Listen'/
Vision & MissionSermon on the MountMatthew 5:27-30Dan Claire02/19/2017Notes‘Listen'/
Righteous ReconciliationSermon on the MountMatthew 5:21-26Shawn Honey02/12/2017‘Listen'/
World-Changers PlaybookSermon on the MountMatthew 5:17-20Dan Claire02/05/2017‘Listen'/
Global InfluenceSermon on the MountMatthew 5:13-16Dan Claire01/29/2017‘Listen'/
The Good (Vulnerable) NeighborSermon on the MountMatthew 5:7-12Shawn Honey01/22/2017‘Listen'/
The Good LifeSermon on the MountMatthew 4:12-5:6Dan Claire01/15/2017‘Listen'/
Humble BeginningsSermon on the MountMatthew 3:13-17Dan Claire 01/08/2017‘Listen'/
What’s in a name?Galatians 4:4-7Shawn Honey01/01/2017‘Listen'/
Dazzling But DisappointingIsaiah 52:7-10Shawn Honey12/25/2016‘Listen'/
Christmas EveJay Traylor12/24/2016‘Listen'/
A Highway Shall Be ThereAdvent 2016Isaiah 35:1-10Bryan Wandel12/11/2016‘Listen'/
Ordination of Jay Traylor & Bryan Wandel 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12Bishop Steve Breedlove12/4/2016‘Listen'/
The Day of the LordAdvent 2016Amos 5:18-24Dan Claire11/27/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
Justifiable HomicideChrist the KingColossians 3Irwyn Ince11/20/2016‘Listen'/
Redemption RuthRuth 4:13-22Dan Claire11/13/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
FullnessRuth Ruth 4:1-12Matthew Mason11/6/2016‘Listen'/
UncoveredRuthRuth 3Dan Claire10/30/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
Absence/PresenceRuthRuth 2Shawn Honey10/23/2016‘Listen'/
BoundRuthRuth 1:6-22Dan Claire10/16/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
FamishedRuthRuth 1:1-6Dan Claire10/9/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
Our Rightful PlaceActsActs 12:18-25Dan Claire10/2/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
That Which is UnseenActsActs 12:1-14Miguel Lau9/25/2016‘Listen'/
Mission, Diversity, and The Gift EconomyActsActs 11:19-30Jeff Bailey9/18/2016‘Listen'/
Once More Open DoorActsActs 11:1-18Shawn Honey9/11/2016‘Listen'/
The Inclusive KingActsActs 10Dan Claire9/4/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
Resurrection to Action ActsActs 9:32-43Shawn Honey08/28/2016‘Listen'/
Light for the WayActsActs 9:1-31Dan Claire08/21/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
Outside Looking In, Inside Looking OutActsActs 8:26-40Jay Traylor08/14/2016‘Listen'/
Prestige, Profit and PowerActsActs 8:9-25Shawn Honey08/07/2016‘Listen'/
Persecution and MissionActsActs 7:54-8:8Dan Claire07/31/2016‘Listen'/
Uprooted but not UnrootedActsActs 7:1-53Shawn Honey07/24/2016‘Listen'/
Growing PainsActsActs 6:1-15Dan Claire07/17/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
God Rather Than MenActsActs 5:17-42Shawn Honey07/10/2016‘Listen'/
A Costly MistakeActsActs 5:1-11Dan Claire07/03/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
An Eye for TreasureActsActs 4:32-37Shawn Honey06/26/2016‘Listen'/
Conviction, Courage & CruciformityActsActs 4:5-31Dan Claire06/19/2016‘Listen'/
Hope in an Age of IntoleranceActsActs 4:1-22Dan Claire06/12/2016Notes ‘Listen'/
New World, New Community, New MeGalatians 12:1-3Matthew Mason 06/05/2016‘Listen'/
The Circle of ServiceActsActs 3Shawn Honey5/29/2016‘Listen'/
Signs of GodActsActs 2:29-47Dan Claire5/22/2016‘Listen'/
PentecostActsActs 2:1-21Shawn Honey5/15/2016‘Listen'/
New KingNewMatthew 27:62-28:20Dan Claire5/08/2016‘Listen'/
New WordNewMark 16:1-8Shawn Honey05/01/2016‘Listen'/
New FamilyNewJohn 3:1-8
Dan Claire04/24/2016‘Listen'/
Parish Retreat-Sunday Morning ServiceParish Retreat 2016Miguel Lau04/24/2016‘Listen'/
Parish Retreat- Session 2Parish Retreat 2016Irwyn Ince04/23/2016‘Listen'/
Parish Retreat Session 1Parish Retreat 2016Irwyn Ince04/23/2016‘Listen'/
Parish Retreat-FridayParish Retreat 2016Shawn Honey04/22/2016‘Listen'/
New GloryNewLuke 24:13-35Shawn Honey04/17/2016‘Listen'/
New LoveNewJohn 21:1-19Dan Claire04/10/2016‘Listen'/
New PeaceNewJohn 20:19-23Shawn Honey04/03/2016‘Listen'/
New LifeNew John 20:11-18Dan Claire03/27/2016‘Listen'/
Maundy ThursdayJohn 13:1-17, 31b-35Dr. Jeff Bailey03/24/2016‘Listen'/
Just AmbitionJust VirtuesLuke 15Shawn Honey03/20/2016‘Listen'/
Just InclusivityJust VirtuesLuke 14Dan Claire03/13/2016‘Listen'/
Just HumilityJust VirtuesLuke 13:1-20Shawn Honey03/06/2016‘Listen'/
Just AttentionJust VirtuesLuke 12:35-59Dan Claire02/28/2016‘Listen'/
Just GenerosityJust VirtuesLuke 12:13-34Dan Claire02/21/2016‘Listen'/
Just Compassion Just VirtuesLuke 11:37-12:7Shawn Honey02/14/2016‘Listen'/
Power and ResponsibilityThe Politics of the MessiahLuke 11:1-13Dan Claire02/07/2016Notes‘Listen'/
Campaign Objective: A New LawThe Politics of the MessiahLuke 10:38-42Shawn Honey01/31/2016‘Listen'/
Campaign Objective: A New SocietyThe Politics of the MessiahLuke 10:25-37Dan Claire01/24/2016Notes‘Listen'/
Campaign Objective: Regime ChangeThe Politics of the MessiahLuke 10:17-24Shawn Honey01/17/2016‘Listen'/
Canvassing the fieldThe Politics of the MessiahLuke 10:1-16Dan Claire01/10/2016‘Listen'/
A Look Ahead: A Costly CampaignThe Politics of the MessiahLuke 9:51-62Shawn Honey01/03/2016‘Listen'/
Song of Salvation, Song of ProclamationIsaiahIsaiah 12Jay Traylor12/27/2015‘Listen'/
Like King, Like PeopleIsaiahIsaiah 11:1-16Shawn Honey12/20/2015‘Listen'/
Lessons and CarolsAdvent 2015Dan Claire12/13/2015‘Listen'/
Into The FireIsaiahIsaiah 10:16-34Shawn Honey12/06/2015‘Listen'/
Judgment DayIsaiahIsaiah 9:8-12 & 10:1-15Dan Claire11/29/2015Notes‘Listen'/
No Burdens, No Battles, No TyrantsIsaiahIsaiah 9:1-7Shawn Honey11/22/2015‘Listen'/
Jesus: Savior or Stumbling Block? IsaiahIsaiah 8:1-22Dan Claire11/15/2015Notes‘Listen'/
The Re-evangelization of the ContinentVaugham Roberts11/08/2015‘Listen'/
Will David's House Endure?IsaiahIsaiah 7:1-25Shawn Honey11/01/2015‘Listen'/
Cleansed and CommissionedIsaiahIsaiah 6:1-13Dan Claire10/25/2015Notes‘Listen'/
Hoarding God's VineyardIsaiahIsaiah 5:1-30Bishop Steve Breedlove10/18/2015‘Listen'/
CoveredIsaiahIsaiah 4:2-6Dan Claire10/11/2015Notes‘Listen'/
Eating the Fruit of Your DeedsIsaiahIsaiah 2:22-4:1Shawn Honey10/4/2015‘Listen'/
Sunrise on the Temples of LilliputIsaiahIsaiah 2:5-22Dan Claire9/27/2015Notes‘Listen'/
Let us walk in the light of the LordIsaiahIsaiah 2:1-5Shawn Honey9/20/2015‘Listen'/
A Tale of Two CitiesIsaiahIsaiah 1:1-31Dan Claire9/13/2015Notes‘Listen'/
The Strength of His MightEphesiansEphesians 6:10-24Shawn Honey9/06/2015‘Listen'/
Christ Our LordEphesiansEphesians 6:5-9Dan Claire8/30/2015Notes‘Listen'/
All God's ChildrenEphesiansEphesians 6:1-4Dan Claire8/23/2015Notes‘Listen'/
The Mystery of ServingEphesiansEphesians 5:22-33Shawn Honey8/16/2015‘Listen'/
Godly Speech For God's ChildrenEphesiansEphesians 5:1-21Bryan Wandel8/09/2015‘Listen'/
Finery - Part 1EphesiansEphesians 4:17-32Dan Claire8/02/2015Notes‘Listen'/
Finery - Part 2EphesiansEphesians 4:17-32Dan Claire8/02/2015Notes‘Listen'/
The Spoils of VictoryEphesiansEphesians 4:1-16Dan Claire7/26/2015Notes‘Listen'/
Human FulfillmentEphesiansEphesians 3:14-21Shawn Honey7/19/2015‘Listen'/
United in Christ: Suffering and GloryEphesiansEphesians 3:1-13Jay Traylor7/12/2015‘Listen'/
United in Christ: Jew and GentileEphesiansEphesians 2:11-22Shawn Honey7/05/2015‘Listen'/
United in Christ: God and UsEphesiansEphesians 2:1-10Shawn Honey6/28/2015‘Listen'/
Living Through New EyesEphesiansEphesians 1:15-23Shawn Honey6/21/2015‘Listen'/
A Redeemed Past, A Restored FutureEphesiansEphesians 1:1-14Shawn Honey6/14/2015‘Listen'/
The Power of God’s WordEphesiansActs 20:17-38Dan Claire6/07/2015Notes‘Listen'/
Men’s Prayer ServiceScott Redd6/07/2015‘Listen'/
Christ and the PowersEphesiansActs 19:11-41Shawn Honey5/31/2015‘Listen'/
The Gift of the SpiritEphesiansActs 18:18-19:10Dan Claire5/24/2015Notes‘Listen'/
Join in the FeastFor the Life of the WorldDan Claire5/17/2015‘Listen'/
WonderFor the Life of the WorldShawn Honey5/10/2015‘Listen'/
The Best is Yet to Come…For You 2015 Parish RetreatMatthew Mason4/25/2015‘Listen'/
The Best is Yet to Come…For the World 2015 Parish RetreatMatthew Mason4/25/2015‘Listen'/
The Best is Yet to Come…For Sure 2015 Parish RetreatMatthew Mason4/24/2015‘Listen'/
The Wisdom of KnowledgeFor the Life of the WorldDwight Gibson5/03/2015‘Listen'/
Laboring for JusticeFor the Life of the WorldShawn Honey4/26/2015‘Listen'/
Creative ServiceFor the Life of the WorldDan Claire4/19/2015Listen
Home EconomicsFor the Life of the WorldShawn Honey4/12/2015NotesListen
The Return of the KingResurrection SundayJeremiah 29:4-14Dan Claire4/5/2015NotesListen
Unanswered Asking? Good FridayStuart McAlpine4/3/2015Listen
The King's StoryMaundy ThursdayMk 14:12-25Shawn Honey4/2/2015Listen
The King's EnthronementGospel of Mark Mark 14:1-15:47Dan Claire3/29/2015Listen
The King's BetrayalGospel of MarkMark 15:1-20Shawn Honey3/22/2015Listen
The King's ConfessionGospel of MarkMark 14:53-72Dan Claire3/15/2015NotesListen
The King's Anguished LoveGospel of MarkMark 14:26-52Art Going3/08/2015Listen
The King's WorthGospel of MarkMark 14:1-11Shawn Honey3/01/2015Listen
The King's VisionGospel of MarkMark 13Dan Claire2/22/2015NotesListen
The King's WisdomGospel of MarkMark 12:13-44Dan Claire2/15/2015NotesListen
The King's AuthorityGospel of MarkMark 11:27-12:12Shawn Honey2/8/2015Listen
The King's HomecomingGospel of MarkMark 10:46-11:25Dan Claire2/1/2015NotesListen
Kingdom Riches and Kingdom GloryGospel of MarkMark 10:17-45Shawn Honey1/25/2015Listen
Getting to the Top in the KingdomGospel of MarkMark 9:33-10:16Dan Claire1/18/2015NotesListen
Ask the KingGospel of MarkMark 9:14-32Dan Claire1/11/2015NotesListen
Focus on the KingGospel of MarkMark 8:22-9:13Dan Claire1/4/2015NotesListen
A New DawnAdvent 2014John 1:1-18Dan Claire12/28/2014Listen
Christ our ShepherdAdvent 2014Luke 2:1-20Dan Claire12/21/2014Listen
Lessons and CarolsAdvent 2014Dan Claire12/14/2014Listen
The Comforts of HomeAdvent 2014Isaiah 40:1-11Blake Johnson12/7/2014Listen
Rend the Heavens!Advent 2014Isaiah 64Dan Claire11/30/2014NotesListen
Failure & ForgivenessThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 32-40Dan Claire11/23/2014NotesListen
God With UsThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 25-31Dan Claire11/16/2014NotesListen
The Grace of God's LawThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 19-24Dan Claire11/9/2014NotesListen
A Revelation of the Holiness of GodThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 19-20Jesse Martin11/2/2014Listen
Learning to Be a New HumanityThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 18Shawn Honey10/26/2014Listen
Training in the WildernessThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 15-17Dan Claire10/19/2014NotesListen
RedemptionThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 12-15Dan Claire10/12/2014NotesListen
Signs and WondersThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 7-12Dan Claire10/05/2014Notes
Crisis of FaithThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 5-6Dan Claire09/28/2014NotesListen
The Call of MosesThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 3-4Dan Claire09/21/2014NotesListen
The Exodus of MosesThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 2Dan Claire09/14/2014NotesListen
The Gospel According to ExodusThe Gospel According to ExodusExodus 1Dan Claire09/07/2014NotesListen
The Spirit of HopeLife in the SpiritRomans 15:1-13Dan Claire08/31/2014NotesListen
The Spirit of ServiceLife in the Spirit1 Corinthians 12Dan Claire08/24/2014Notes
The Spirit of GloryLife in the SpiritRomans 8:18-27Blake Johnson08/17/2014Listen
The Holy Spirit and the Wisdom of GodLife in the Spirit1 Corinthians 2:1-3:3David Sandifer08/11/2014Listen
The Spirit and the End of the WorldLife in the SpiritJohn 15:18-16:15Dan Claire07/27/2014NotesListen
So Help Me God (John 14)Life in the SpiritJohn 14:15-25Dan Claire07/20/2014NotesListen
The Satisfying Spirit (John 4)Life in the SpiritJohn 4:3-15Dan Claire07/13/14NotesListen
The Spirit of New Life (John 3)Life in the SpiritJohn 2:23-3:16Dan Claire07/06/2014NotesListen
Jonah 3-4JonahJonah 3-4Matthew Mason06/29/14Listen
Jonah 1-2JonahJohan 1-2Matthew Mason06/15/14Listen
The Aid of the SpiritPentecostRomans 8Bishop Steve Breedlove06/08/14Listen
Speaking of Jesus: A Credible and Compelling FaithQuestioning ChristianityDr. Christian Hofreiter06/04/2014Listen
Isn't Christianity Repressive?Questioning ChristianityJohn 8:31-47Matthew Mason05/18/2014Listen
Why do I need God if I’ve got all I need?Questioning ChristianityLuke 12:13-21Dan Claire05/11/2014NotesListen
Isn't Jesus Out of Business?Questioning ChristianityJohn 13:31-14:7Matthew Mason05/04/2014Listen
Can We Trust the Bible?Questioning ChristianityLuke 1:1-4Blake Johnson4/27/2014Listen
Why Do You Seek The Living Among the Dead?Questioning ChristianityLuke 24:1-12Dan Claire4/20/2014NotesListen
Maundy Thursday SermonMaundy Thursday SermonArt Going4/17/2014Listen
What Should You See?Gospel of MarkMark 8:22-9:1Matthew Mason4/13/2014Listen
Why Can't You See?Gospel of MarkMark 8:1-21Dan Claire4/6/2014Notes
Why Won't You Listen?Gospel of MarkMark 7:21-37Matthew Mason3/30/2014Listen
Why Are You Dirty?Gospel of MarkMark 6:53-7:23Dan Claire3/23/2014NotesListen
Why Aren't You Satisfied?Gospel of MarkMark 6:31-52Matthew Mason3/16/2014Listen
Why Do You Push Him Away?Gospel of MarkMark 6:1-31aDan Claire3/9/2014NotesListen
Be Reconciled to GodAsh WednesdayDan Claire3/5/2014Listen
The Victory of the KingGospel of MarkMark 5:21-43Matthew Mason3/2/2014Listen
The King of CreationGospel of MarkMark 4:35-5:20Matthew Mason2/23/2014Listen
King Jesus' Surprising KingdomGospel of MarkMark 4:21-34Dan Claire2/16/2014NotesListen
Good Soil In Jesus' KingdomGospel of MarkMark 4:1-20Matthew Mason2/9/2014Listen
Mark 3:7-35Gospel of MarkMark 3:7-35Art Going2/2/2014Listen
King Jesus Turns the World Upside DownGospel of MarkMark 2:15-3:16Dan Claire1/26/2014NotesListen
Forgiveness and WelcomeGospel of MarkMark 1:40-2:17Matthew Mason1/19/2014Listen
Following King JesusGospel of MarkMark 1:14-39Dan Claire1/12/2014NotesListen
Introducing King JesusGospel of MarkMark 1:1-15Dan Claire1/5/2014NotesListen
Christmas According to PaulGalatians 4:4-7Matthew Mason12/29/2013Listen
God's RuleWhy is Jesus Good News?Isaiah 40:9-11Matthew Mason12/22/2013Listen
An Unexpected SaviorLessons and CarolsFull LiturgyDan Claire12/15/2013NotesListen
God's MessageWhy is Jesus Good News?Isaiah 40:6-8Matthew Mason12/8/2013Listen
God's ComfortWhy Is Jesus Good News?Isaiah 40:1-5Dan Claire12/1/2013NotesListen
King of All NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old TestamentMark 1:1-15Matthew Mason11/24/2013Listen
Feasting for All NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: the Gospel of the Old TestamentNehemiah 8:1-3, 9-18Dan Claire11/17/2013NotesListen
Hope for All NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: the Gospel of the Old TestamentEzekiel 36:22-38Matthew Mason11/10/2013Listen
Scattered Among the NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old Testament2 Kings 17; Jeremiah 29Dan Claire11/03/2013NotesListen
A King Who Blesses the NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old Testament1 Kings 3:3-15; 10:1-13Matthew Mason10/27/2013Listen
King Over the NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old Testament1 Samuel 16:1-13; 18:1-16Matthew Mason10/20/2013Listen
An Inheritance Among the NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old TestamentJoshua 1:1-9; 21:43-45; Judges 2:6-23Matthew Mason10/13/2013Listen
Priests for All NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old TestamentExodus 19:1-6; 20:1-17Dan Claire10/6/2013NotesListen
Delivered from the NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old TestamentExodus 1-12Matthew Mason9/29/2013Listen
A Blessing for All NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old TestamentGenesis 12-17Dan Claire9/22/2013Listen
God's Plan for All NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old TestamentGenesis 1-11Matthew Mason9/15/2013Listen
Forgiveness for All NationsTo the Ends of the Earth: The Gospel of the Old TestamentLuke 24:13-49Dan Claire9/8/2013Listen
A Prayer for IdentityPrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 8Jason Hood9/1/2013Listen
A Prayer of DesirePrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 73Dan Claire8/25/2013Listen
The Son of God is the SubstanceGalatians 1:11-24Aaron Damiani8/18/2013Listen
Giving Thanks and PraisePrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 65Blake Johnson8/11/2013Listen
A Prayer of IntercessionPrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 82Dan Claire8/4/2013Listen
A Prayer of DeliverancePrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 30Grady Powell7/28/2013Listen
A Prayer of ConfessionPrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 32Matthew Mason7/21/2013Listen
A Prayer for HelpPrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 13Dan Claire7/14/2013NotesListen
Preparing to PrayPrayer and the PsalmsPsalm 1Matthew Mason7/7/2013Listen
Contentment: Trusting God with our SexualityLove and RelationshipsDeuteronomy 5:21, Psalm 37:1-11, Romans 12:9-21, John 2:1-11Dan Claire6/30/2013NotesListen
Friendship: Extraordinary LoveLove and Relationships1 Samuel 18: 1-5, John 15:12-17Matthew Mason6/23/2013Listen
Homosexuality: Sexual Disorientation (2)Love and RelationshipsRomans 1:18-32Matthew Mason6/16/2013Listen
Lust: Sexual Disorientation (1)Love and Relationships1 Corinthians 6:9-20Matthew Mason6/9/2013Listen
Divorce: Lampooning God's Beautiful StoryLove and Relationships1 Cor 7:10-16; Matt 5:31-32Dan Claire6/2/2013NotesListen
Marriage: The Pattern of MarriageLove and RelationshipsEphesians 5:22-33Matthew Mason5/26/2013Listen
Children: Blessing & ResponsibilityLove and RelationshipsPsalm 127; John 14:15-27; Acts 2:1-39Dan Claire5/19/2013NotesListen
Singleness: Grief and OpportunityLove and RelationshipsMatt 19:12; 1 Cor 7:7-8; 12:4-7Matthew Mason5/12/2013NotesListen
Marriage: In the BeginningLove and RelationshipsGenesis 1:27-28, 2:18-25; Matthew 22:1-14Dan Claire5/5/2013NotesListen
Pray and Do Not Lose HeartPray & Don't Lose HeartLuke 18:1-17Dan Claire4/28/2013Listen
Ask, Seek, KnockPray & Don't Lose HeartLuke 11:1-13Matthew Mason4/21/2013Listen
Work & RestPray & Don't Lose HeartGen 1:1-2:3Aubrey Spears4/20/2013Notes
Night & DayPray & Don't Lose HeartGen 1:1-2:3Aubrey Spears4/20/2013Notes
The Peace of PrayerPray & Don't Lose HeartPhil 4:6-7Dan Claire4/19/2013Notes
Peace Be With You!Pray & Don't Lose HeartJohn 20:19-31Sam Mugisha4/14/2013Listen
The Great CommissionMatthewMatthew 28:16-20Dan Claire4/7/2013Notes
The Resurrection of JesusMatthewMatthew 27:55-28:15Dan Claire3/31/2013NotesListen
Maundy ThursdayHoly Week 2013John 13:1-11, 31b-35Matthew Mason3/28/2013Listen
Jesus the Forsaken SonMatthewMatthew 27:45-54Matthew Mason3/24/2013Listen
The Humiliation of JesusMatthewMatthew 27:27-44Dan Claire3/17/2013NotesListen
The Trial of the High PriestMatthewMatthew 26:57-75Dan Claire3/3/2013Listen
The Feast of JesusMatthewMatthew 26:1-29Dan Claire2/17/2013NotesListen
The Mission of JesusMatthewMatthew 9:35-10:15Dan Claire2/10/2013NotesListen
The Mercy of JesusMatthewMatthew 9:18-34Matthew Mason2/3/2013Listen
The Call of JesusMatthewMatthew 9:1-17Dan Claire1/27/2013NotesListen
The Demand of JesusMatthewMatthew 8:18-34Matthew Mason1/20/2013Listen
The Authority of JesusMatthewMatthew 8:1-17Dan Claire1/13/2013Listen
King of the NationsMatthewMatthew 2:1-12Dan Claire1/6/2013Listen
The Birth of Jesus ChristMatthewMatthew 1:18-25Matthew Mason12/30/2012Listen
The Genealogy of Jesus ChristMatthewMatthew 1:1-17Matthew Mason12/23/2012Listen
The Advent of RighteousnessAdvent 2012Isaiah 11:1-10Dan Claire12/16/2012Listen
Lessons and Carols 2012Advent 2012Isaiah 9Matthew Mason12/9/2012Listen
Finding True Meaning in the Christmas SeasonAdvent 2012Isaiah 2:2-5Dan Claire12/2/2012Listen
The True KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 22:1-21Bishop Steve Breedlove11/25/2012Listen
The Vine and the BranchesGuest SpeakersJohn 15:1-16Bishop Laurent Mbanda11/18/2012Listen
The Grieving KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)Psalm 55Matthew Mason11/11/2012Listen
The Wannabe KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 15:1-17, 2 Samuel 18:1-17, 32-33Dan Claire11/4/2012Listen
The Abdicating KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 13Dan Claire10/28/2012NotesListen
The King the World Longs ForThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)Psalm 72Matthew Mason10/21/2012NotesListen
The Fallen KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 11-12Dan Claire10/14/2012NotesListen
The Merciful KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 9Matthew Mason10/07/2012Listen
The Promised Future KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 7Dan Claire09/30/2012NotesListen
The Victorious KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 5-6Matthew Mason09/23/2012Listen
The Rejected KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Samuel 1-2Matthew Mason09/16/2012Listen
God's Appointed KingThe Ruler We Long For (2 Samuel)2 Peter 1, Psalm 2, Acts 4Dan Claire09/09/2012Listen
We're All Going to Die (But God Will Judge Justly)Lessons from EcclesiastesEcclesiastes 11:7-12:14Matthew Mason09/02/2012Listen
Guest SpeakerRev. Steve Breedlove08/26/2012Listen
Our Work Won't Last (But God's Will)Lessons From EcclesiastesEcclesiastes 3:9-13Matthew Mason08/19/2012Listen
We're Not In Control (But God Is)Lessons From EcclesiastesEcclesiastes 1:1-2:26Dan Claire08/12/2012Listen
Stay ConnectedColossiansColossians 4:7-18Matthew Mason08/05/2012Listen
Watch, Pray, SpeakColossiansColossians 4:2-6Dan Claire7/29/2012Listen
The Christian Life is Lived in the MundaneColossiansColossians 3:18-4:1Dan Claire7/22/2012Listen
Put On LoveColossiansColossians 3:1-17Aaron Damiani07/15/2012Listen
Living Like You're DeadColossiansColossians 2:20-3:4Dan Claire07/08/2012Listen
Colossians 2:6-19ColossiansColossians 2:6-19Matthew Mason07/01/2012Listen
Paul's Pastoral PrioritiesColossiansColossians 1:24-2:5Matthew Mason06/24/2012Listen
Yielding to the Lord of CreationColossiansColossians 1:15-23Aaron Damiani06/17/2011Listen
Praying for MaturityColossiansColossians 1:9-14Matthew Mason06/10/2012Listen
Praising God for New CreationColossiansColossians 1:1-8Dan Claire06/03/2012NotesListen
Living an Extraordinary LifeDr. David Mensah05/27/2012Listen
Citizenship ResurrectedLiving the ResurrectionMatthew Mason05/20/2012Listen
Family ResurrectedLiving the ResurrectionDan Claire05/13/2012Listen
Mercy ResurrectedLiving the ResurrectionMatthew 25:31-46Aaron Damiani05/06/12Listen
Rez Retreat Session #2Rez Retreat 2012Amy Sherman05/05/12Listen
Rez Retreat Session #1Rez Retreat 2012Amy Sherman05/05/12Listen
Rez Retreat - Friday night ComplineRez Retreat 20121 Corinthians 13Dan Claire05/04/12Listen
Place ResurrectedLiving the ResurrectionDan Claire4/29/12Listen
Time ResurrectedLiving the ResurrectionMark 6:30-46Matthew Mason4/22/12Listen
Money ResurrectedLiving the ResurrectionDan Claire4/15/12Slides 1-20
Slides 21-40
Creation ResurrectedEaster 2012John 20:1-18Aaron Damiani4/8/12Listen
Good Friday 2012Holy Week 2012Dan Claire4/6/12Listen
Maundy Thursday 2012Holy Week 2012Blake Johnson4/5/12Listen
I Am The ResurrectionI AmJohn 11:5-26 and 12:9-26Dan Claire4/1/12NotesListen
I Am The True VineI AmJohn 15:1-17Matthew Mason3/25/12Listen
I Am The Way, Truth, and LifeI AmJohn 13:36-14:7Aaron Damiani3/18/12Listen
I Am the Good ShepherdI AmJohn 10:1-21Matthew Mason3/11/12Listen
I Am The Light Of The WorldI AmJohn 9:1-41Dan Claire3/4/12NotesListen
I Am the LordI AmExodus 3:1-22Matthew Mason2/26/12Listen
I Am the Bread of LifeI AmJohn 6:35-40Aaron Damiani2/22/12Listen
Light for the NationsJohnJohn 4:1-42Matthew Mason2/19/12Listen
The Light of SalvationJohnJohn 3:1-21Aaron Damiani2/12/12Listen
The Light BurnsJohnJohn 2:13-25Dan Claire2/5/12Listen
The Light ShinesJohnJohn 2:1-12Matthew Mason1/29/12Listen
Drawn to the LightJohnJohn 1:35-51Aaron Damiani1/22/12Listen
Phillipians 1:1-11Aaron Damiani1/15/12Listen
The Light IncarnateJohnJohn 1:14-19Dan Claire1/8/12Listen
The Holy NameMatthew 1:18-25Matthew Mason1/1/12Listen
Welcoming the LightJohnJohn 1:9-13Dan Claire12/18/11Listen
A Voice in the DarknessJohnJohn 1:6-9Aaron Damiani12/4/11Listen
The Light of LifeJohnJohn 1:1-18Matthew Mason11/27/11Listen
Christ the King1 Samuel1 Samuel 31:1-10, 2 Samuel 1:17-2:4aDan Claire11/20/11Listen
Praying the Triumph of God1 SamuelPsalm 52, 1 Samuel 21-22Matthew Mason11/13/11Listen
Loving Your Enemies1 Samuel1 Samuel 24-26Matthew Mason11/6/11Listen
Loving Your Friends1 Samuel1 Samuel 18-20Aaron Damiani10/31/11Listen
Too Big To Fail?1 Samuel1 Samuel 17:1-18:5Dan Claire10/23/11Listen
God Looks on the Heart1 Samuel1 Samuel 16:1-13.Don Sweeting10/16/11Listen
Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice1 Samuel1 Samuel 15:1-35Matthew Mason10/9/11Listen
Government in a Fallen World, Part II1 Samuel1 Samuel 11:12 - 13:1Dan Claire10/2/11Sermon NotesListen
Government in a Fallen World, Part I1 Samuel1 Samuel 8Matthew Mason9/25/11Listen
God Calling1 Samuel1 Samuel 3Aaron Damiani9/18/11Listen
Hope for Troubled Times1 Samuel1 Samuel 1:1-2:11Dan Claire9/11/11Listen
Prayer as ContemplationPrayerAaron Damiani9/4/11Listen
Praying for ForgivenessPrayerJames 5:13-20Aaron Damiani8/28/11Hearing and Making ConfessionListen
Praying for Reconciliation Between
God and Man
Prayer1 Timothy 2:1-7Aaron Damiani8/21/11Listen
LiveWise: GiveLiveWiseProverbs 8:22-32, 11:9-12
Dan Claire8/14/11Listen
Engaging the Less FortunateGuest SpeakersMatthew 25: 1-46Bryan Loritts8/7/11Listen
LiveWise: WorkLiveWiseProverbs 6:6-11; 15:16; 22:1;
24:30-34; 31:10-31
Dan Claire7/31/11Listen
LiveWise: PlayLiveWiseProverbs 5:1-23; 23:26-30Dan Claire7/24/11Listen
LiveWise: WalkLiveWiseProverbs 4:10-27Dan Claire7/17/11Listen
Praying for the Next GenerationPrayerPsalm 90Aaron Damiani7/10/11Listen
The Holy Spirit as TeacherThe Holy Sprit
in John
Matthew Mason7/3/11Listen
A Spirit Filled ChurchThe Holy Sprit
in John
John 15Matthew Mason6/26/11Listen
Relational RenewalRenewalRevelation 21:5Dan Claire6/5/11Listen
Cultural RenewalRenewal1 Peter 2:1-10Tommy Hinson5/29/11Listen
Vocational RenewalRenewalEcclesiastes 2Matthew Mason5/22/11Listen
Worship RenewalRenewalBlake Johnson5/13/11Listen
Personal RenewalRenewalPhillipians 3:1-21Aaron Damiani5/8/11Listen
Easter SundayEaster 2011Luke 24Matthew Mason4/24/11Listen
Maundy ThursdayHoly Week 2011John 13Dan Claire4/21/11NotesListen
Surely This Was a Righteous ManLukeLuke 22:66-23:43Dan Claire4/17/11Listen
Friday Night ComplineLove (Rez Retreat 2011)John 4:1-15Matthew Mason4/10/11Listen
The Love of GodLove (Rez Retreat 2011)1 John 4Aubrey Spears4/3/11Sermon NotesListen
The Love of FriendsLove (Rez Retreat 2011)Aubrey Spears4/3/11Sermon NotesListen
The Love of a StrangerLove (Rez Retreat 2011)Aubrey Spears4/2/11Sermon NotesListen
Luke 23LukeLuke 23:18-43Bishop Alexis
Condemned in our PlaceLukeLuke 22:63-23:25Matthew Mason4/1/11Listen
Prayer is the BattleLukeLuke 22:39-62Aaron Damiani3/27/11Listen
How to Excel as a LeaderLukeLuke 22:24-38Matthew Mason3/20/11Listen
Christ our PassoverLukeLuke 22:7-20, Revelation 4Dan Claire3/13/11Listen
Ash Wednesday HomilyLukeLuke 22:1-6Matthew Mason3/9/11Listen
Don't Get StonedLukeLuke 20:1-21:4Matthew Mason2/27/11Listen
The Return of the KingLukeLuke 19:11-48Dan Claire2/20/11Listen
Luke 19LukeLuke 19:1-10Aaron Damiani2/13/11Listen
Why High Achievers Can't Get
Into God's Kingdom
LukeLuke 18:15-43Matthew Mason2/6/11Listen
Prayer: A Look Behind the ScenesLukeLuke 18:1-14Dan Claire1/30/11Translation of Luke 18Listen
Jonan EilamLukeLuke 17:1-19Aaron Damiani1/23/11Youtube Video of
Jonan's parents
How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleLukeLuke 16:1-31Matthew Mason1/9/11Listen
Lost and found?LukeLuke 15:1-2, 11-32Matthew Mason1/2/11Listen
Seeing JesusLukeLuke 2:22-52Dan Claire12/26/10Listen
Glory to GodLukeLuke 2:8-20Matthew Mason12/24/10Listen
It Needs a NameLukeLuke 1:57-80Aaron Damiani12/19/10Listen
Generous JusticeIsaiah 11:1-9Matthew Mason12/12/10Listen
Waiting Upon the LordLukeLuke 1:5-38Dan Claire12/5/10Listen
Ordination of Aubrey SpearsJohn 10:1-16Bishop Terrell Glenn11/28/10Listen
In the Company of the KingDan Claire11/21/10Listen
The Affliction of the Comforted is
the Comfort of the Afflicted
Guest Speakers2 Corinthians 1:3-11Dr. Scott Hafemann11/14/10Listen
Status AnxietyLukeLuke 14:1-24Matthew Mason11/7/10Listen
Get on the BikePsalm 119:1-16Aaron Damiani10/31/10Listen
Getting on in God's Unexpected KingdomLukeLuke 13:10-35Dan Claire10/24/10Listen
Do Mission or PerishLukeLuke 13:1-9Matthew Mason10/17/10Listen
At Ease in God's KingdomLukeLuke 12:1-34Dan Claire10/10/10Listen
Beware HypocrisyLukeLuke 11:37-54Matthew Mason10/3/10Listen
Jesus Christ: Devil or Deliverer?
Liar or Light?
LukeLuke 11:14-36Dan Claire9/26/10Listen
Teach Us to PrayLukeLuke 11:1-13Aaron Damiani9/19/10Listen
The Vigilante and the VictimLukeLuke 10:25-42Dan Claire9/12/10Listen
Rejoicing with JesusLukeLuke 10:1-24Matthew Mason9/5/10Listen
Jesus' Exodus and OursLukeLuke 9:28-62Dan Claire8/29/10Listen
Gaining the Whole WorldLukeLuke 9:1-27Dan Claire8/22/10Listen
Faith That SavesLukeLuke 8:40-56Matthew Mason8/15/10Listen
The World Our Hearts Long ForLukeLuke 8:22-39Matthew Mason8/8/10Listen
Luke 8LukeLuke 8:1-21Aaron Damiani8/1/10Listen