Rez Moms

Rez Moms is a group devoted to supporting the women in our community as they grow through the joys and challenges of parenting.  We endeavor to support one another with baby blessings, play dates, meals for families with newborns, and Sunday night family meals.  Rez Moms uses a Yahoo group to share ideas, needs, prayers, and encouragement with one another.  In addition to emails and announcements, you will find a directory, calendar, and a database of baby gear available for loan.

Rez Moms Mission Statement

Who We Are:  We are moms of Church of the Resurrection on a journey together — loving God, our families, and our city.

Our Vision:  To know God deeply and to see His Kingdom come in us, our families, our city and our world.

Our Mission: To equip, support and refresh one another in community, that the love of God might radiate in us and our families.

Rez Moms Yahoo Group

Our yahoo group is a way we can stay connected and communicate. We use it as a way to:

  • encourage and uplift one another in Christ
  • communicate news and events
  • share fun activities/outings and ministry opportunities
  • seek advice
  • create book lists
  • supply babysitters list
  • share available baby gear

Join our yahoo group by contacting Angela Hensen and Emily Brewer.

Baby Due Dates List

If you are expecting and would like to share this news with the church family, please let Emily Brewer know so we can be sure to include you in baby blessings and family meals when your little one arrives.

Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings are a special time of prayer and celebration for moms expecting baby #2 (or more). There are unique and challenging aspects to having multiple children so this time is one of encouragement and support for you as your family grows.  Contact:  Kiera Parikh and Emily Brewer.

Meals for Families Welcoming New Babies

The meals program provides a way for our church family to bless and support families welcoming newborns with 4 weeks of meals. Contact Sarah Crouch to let her know when your little one arrives so she can organize meals for you.

Weekday Playdates

Playdates are a wonderful way to provide fellowship for moms and children during the week. We endeavor to organize a few play dates a month on Friday mornings at parks, museums, and in each other’s homes.  If you would like to inform others of fun events or would like to organize a play date yourself, please do not hesitate to share it on the yahoo group so others can join in as well. Contact: Kiera Parikh and Sarah Crouch

Sunday Night Family Meals

After church each Sunday, families take turns providing a meal to share downstairs for the children. Family meals after church creates a way to feed your children dinner and also spend more time with church family.  Contact  Noel Montrey for more information or would like to sign up to bring a meal.

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