RezGroups help us connect to others as a way to experience God and the transforming power of his Gospel in and through the community of the church. They are a simple means for seeing God’s Kingdom come in our lives and in the community around us.

A RezGroup usually consists of roughly 12 people, who meet together regularly for spiritual growth as Christian disciples. Meetings typically include some combination of fellowship, study, worship, prayer, service & mission.

RezGroups exist to form people in the practice of the gospel. As the nucleus for Rez life, they are a great way to build friendships both inside and outside the church and to grow in faith and service.

The mission of Church of the Resurrection is to love God and serve the city as a growing community of disciples. RezGroups further the church’s mission by forming participants in Gospel practices, especially in four directions:

Up, by rejoicing in who God is and what He has done.

Down, through renewal in the Word, prayer and other spiritual disciplines.

In, by relating to Christ and one another in loving community.

Out, by revealing Christ to the city.

By engaging in these practices, participants experience and enjoy the Christian life together. They also develop virtuous habits–spiritual ‘muscle memory’–fostering long-term maturity in Christ.

How do I join a group?

During the course of the year, the Church of the Resurrection publishes three Taste & See periods for RezGroups: September, January and May. In these months, RezGroups welcome newcomers to visit and check out different groups whose mission may be of interest to them.

But what about newcomers to the Rez community during months other than September, January and May? RezGroup Fellowship Dinners provide a way to begin integrating into the community as newcomers await the next Taste & See month.

Fellowship Dinners are low-key monthly gatherings in which newcomers can continue building friendships with one another, long-time members of the church, and potential RezGroup Leaders. After dinner, they also say Evening Prayer together. Fellowship Dinner groups that bond together well may become a new RezGroup, or the participants may go on to join existing RezGroups during the next Taste & See period.

To talk about joining or hosting a RezGroup, email Liz Laird, Director of Congregational Discipleship.  RSVP for the next RezGroup Fellowship Dinner here.