Churches that Plant Churches

The Church of the Resurrection started in 2003 with a vision for establishing healthy, neighborhood-oriented churches throughout Washington, DC. At that time, Dan & Elise Claire began hosting “Taste & See” parties every month in their home in NW DC, inviting people to share in this vision. On Ash Wednesday, 2004, the Church of the Resurrection began meeting regularly at Christ our Shepherd Church on Capitol Hill. The church has been meeting there ever since on Sundays at 5 pm.

In 2007 we commissioned a team from our parish living in Northwest DC to start a new congregation, the Church of the Advent, in Columbia Heights. In 2008 we commissioned another team living in northern Virginia to establish the Church of the Ascension in Arlington. In 2009, we sent pastor Mark Booker and his family to Boston to establish the Church of the Cross. In 2010 we helped to establish Church of the Incarnation in Harrisonburg, VA under the leadership of pastor Aubrey Spears. In 2011 we established the RenewDC network, which seeks the city to come by making disciples who make disciples, and planting churches that plant churches. As we continue to grow, we actively partner with other local gospel believing churches as a means of growing, establishing and unifying the body of Christ.

Rooted in Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Washington is a deeply divided city, whether in terms of race, resources or partisanship. It’s also a deeply religious city, as the gods of power, comfort, knowledge, influence and wealth demand sacrificial worship. We believe the amazing grace of Jesus Christ frees us from the burdens imposed by these false gods, and brings unity in place of division.

The Church of the Resurrection is a mission of the Anglican Province of Rwanda under Archbishop Onesphore Rwaje. In the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide, when in 100 days ethnic violence slaughtered one-tenth of the population (roughly one million people), Christians worked throughout the country to bring perpetrators and victims to reconciliation, both with God and with one another. Forgiving those who have murdered your own family is simply unfathomable by human power. But for Christians it is the central theme of the Bible: God loved the world so much that he allowed his innocent son, Jesus, to be executed in our place, so that we could be reconciled to him and one another through the resurrection power of Jesus. Our congregation has been commissioned and sent by the Anglican Church of Rwanda to proclaim this message of forgiveness and reconciliation to a city in need of Jesus’ healing power.

(For more information on forgiveness and reconciliation after the Rwandan genocide we recommend Laura Waters Hinson’s film, As We Forgive, and Catherine Claire Larson’s book by the same name. Both the film and the book are the products of Resurrection’s relationship with the Church of Rwanda.)